How to remove discovered include paths from your Standard Make Project in Eclipse/CDT

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  1. Right-click your project from the "C/C++ Projects" window, select "Properties"
  2. Select "C/C++ Make Project", then the "Discovery Options" tab
  3. Uncheck "Automate discovery of paths and symbols"
  4. Select "C/C++ Project Paths" on the sidebar, then the "Path Containers" tab
  5. Click on "Discovered Paths" to select it, then click "Remove"
  6. Click "OK"
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banana pancake said...

That was really bugging me, having a bunch of "Invalid project path: Include path not found" messages in the problems list.


Anonymous said...

I am currently useing Eclipse with CDT 4.0.1.
In my configuration, the message "Invalid project path: Include path not found" was due to a bug in Eclipse: I had upgraded my gcc, and a bug in Eclipse left old paths in some configuration files. The work around for the bug fix helped me out. It can be found here:
Good luck

sofeng said...

Reimer: Thanks for posting the work around.


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