How to use the mingw gdb debugger with Eclipse 3.2 / CDT 3.1

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How to use the mingw gdb debugger with Eclipse 3.2 / CDT 3.1
  1. Go to, download gdb-5.2.1-1.exe, and run it to install.
  2. Create a C Project and build it.
  3. From the "Run" menu, select "Debug..."
  4. Click on "C/C++ Local Application", then click the 'New' button (it is a button with a plus sign in the top left corner).
  5. Click the "Search Project..." button and select your executable.
  6. Click on the "Environment" tab, and click "New..."
  7. In the "Name:" field, enter "Path". In the "Value:" field, enter "c:\mingw\bin". Click "OK".
  8. Click the "Debugger" tab. From the "Debugger:" dropdown box, select "gdb Debugger".
  9. Click "Debug". Your gdb debugger session should now begin.
  10. If you get a "Confirm Perspective Switch" dialog, click on "Yes" to switch to the Debug perspective.
  11. You can now use the buttons in your "Debug" window to step through your code.
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Keith said...

Hi there; appreciate that you put this on your blog. By any chance, however, does this same configuration work with Eclipse 3.3 and CDT 4.0.1? I'm getting all kinds of errors.

sofeng said...

sorry, i haven't tried this with Eclipse 3.3 / CDT 4.0. i've been using Emacs, so i haven't done too much with Eclipse recently

Anonymous said...

the link to the gdb debugger does not work.

sofeng said...

Thanks, I fixed the link.


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