"Pydev code completion: rebuilding modules" error

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This error took me a while to find a solution. I got the following error message when I tried to change the python interpreter in pydev: "An internal error occurred during: "Pydev code completion: rebuilding modules"". I was using Eclipse 3.3 RC4, Python 2.5.1, and had just updated to Pydev 1.3.4. I thought maybe there were incompatabilities between the versions so I tried many different combinations of versions going back to Eclipse 3.2 and Python 2.4. I even tried changing the JVM to the BEA JRockit version after the Pydev author mentioned it regarding another problem. (I may still go back to this because it is supposed to be faster.) Then I checked if my other plugins were causing a problem. I finally discovered that I won't get this error if I close my Pydev project. I'm not sure if this a Pydev bug or not.

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