How to scroll in GNU Screen

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GNU Screen is great. But, after half a year of using it, I've only now figured out how to scroll into screen's buffer (courtesy of this tutorial). Normally, I just use SHIFT+PGUP to scroll up in urxvt's buffer. However, if I have two regions in screen, this doesn't work. To scroll in screen's buffer, I need to enter "copy mode". To do this, type C-a [ or C-a ESC. (The latter options works great for me because I bound the prefix key to the backtick key instead of C-a.) Once in "copy mode", I can scroll using the arrow keys or PGUP/PGDOWN keys. To exit "copy mode", I press ESC. Scrolling within screen's buffer instead of urxvt's also prevents me from losing my place in my scrollback buffer when I switch screen "windows" (terminal sessions).

Other notes:

  • C-a S splits into two regions
  • C-a tab switches input focus to the next region
  • C-a X kills the current region
  • C-a :resize numlines resizes the current region to numlines lines.

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