/usr/bin/python: bad interpreter: Permission denied error

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I have a Python script, myscript.py with a #!/usr/bin/python shebang* at the top and tried to execute it on Ubuntu Linux using ./myscript.py. I got the following error message:
bash:  ./myscript.py: /usr/bin/python: bad interpreter: Permission  denied
Here are things to check:
  • The file should be executable (use chmod +x myscript.py)
  • The file shoud have Unix line endings
  • The file shouldn't be on a fat32 or ntfs filesystem. Apparently, bash can't handle scripts that are stored on fat32 or ntfs
* #!/usr/bin/env python would be the more portable shebang

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Skawaii said...

I had the same problem when transfer a python script that I had started in Windows to my Macbook. Good old dos2unix to the rescue, and presto! It worked.


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