How to create a downloadable vxworks project in Tornado 2.2

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Start with your .c and .h files in a directory called "c:\sofeng\proj\myproj"

1. Install Tornado 2.2
2. Run Tornado ("Start" -> "All Programs" -> "Tornado 2.2" -> "Tornado")
3. If the "Create Project in New/Existing Workspace" dialog is up, click on "New". If not, go to "File" -> "New Project..."
4. Click "Create downloadable application modules for VxWorks", click "OK"
5. In the "Name:" field, enter "myproj"
6. In the "Location:" field, enter "c:\sofeng\proj\myproj"
7. In the "Add to a New or Existing Workspace" field, enter "c:\sofeng\proj\Workspace0.wsp"
8. Click "Next"
9. Choose the "A toolchain" option
10. From the dropdown, choose "SIMNTgnu" if you are using the simulator. Otherwise choose the proper toolchain for your processor.
11. Click "Next" then click "Finish"
12. In the "Workspace:Workspace0" window, make sure the "Files" tab is selected. Make sure the "Workspace0" branch is expanded.
12. Right-click on "myproj Files" and select "Add files..."
13. Navigate to c:\sofeng\proj\myproj
14. Select all the files. (Click the first file, then while holding the "Shift" key, click the last file.)
15. Click "Add"
16. To build your project, right-click on "myproj Files" in the "Workspace:Workspace0" window and select "Build 'myproj.out'"

See also VxWorks/Tornado bootable project tutorial

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