How to determine the path and other environment variables during a build in Tornado 2.2

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How to determine the path and other environment variables when building a project in Tornado 2.2. I don't have C:\Tornado2.2\host\diab\WIN32\bin in my path, but it looks like the Tornado project facilty adds it to my path. Here is how I figured that out.
  1. Open notepad.exe and type "set" inside it.
  2. Save it to "c:\temp\checkenv.bat"
  3. In Tornado 2.2, in the Workspace window, select the "Builds" tab
  4. Double-click on one of your projects
  5. Right-click on the build (e.g. "PPC860diab") and select "Properties..."
  6. Click on the "C/C++ compiler" tab
  7. In the "Tool" box, replace "dcc" (or "ccsimpc") with "c:\temp\checkenv.bat"
  8. Click "OK"
  9. Right-click on your project or build and select "Build 'xxx.out'" where xxx is your project name
  10. Your "Build Output" window should now contain a listing of all your environment variables, including the PATH variable.

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Nice tip, thanks!


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