How Tornado 2.2 sets the PATH environment variable to find your Diab compiler

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I've determined the version of my diab compiler is 5.0.3 in Tornado 2.2.1 (see this previous post). I got a new version 5.2.1 diab compiler and installed it, however Tornado was still looking in the original c:\Tornado2.2\host\diab\WIN32\bin directory location for the diab tools (see this previous post). I've finally figured out that there is a tcl script which runs at Tornado startup which sets the environment and does other things. On my machine, this was located at "C:\Tornado2.2\host\resource\tcl\app-config\Tornado\02Project.win32.tcl". Down around line 1449, I found some commands that set the DIABLIB and PATH environment variables. Instead of modifying the tcl script, I just moved the new version diab tools to the original directory.
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